about Steel Case Soft Center series


Each of us, in our own way, struggle to balance being hard enough to survive with being an empathic, compassionate and connected human. “Steel Case Soft Center” series represents that intimate and unavoidable internal process. It reflects our inescapable burden of change that can become a welcomed refreshment.  

This series depicts the integration of the hardness and softness of life into who we become and how we make use of the tension between these two dynamics. This composition changes throughout our life and, over time, that ever-shifting balance changes us.

“Steel Case Soft Center” combines hard, protective steel and soft, yielding fabric. Each is complimented and enhanced by the presence of the other. Each, a necessity.


Starting with either a steel sphere or hemisphere, each sculpture is cut, welded and ground to a smooth finish. The steel is cleaned, polished and sealed. 

Once the steel has been sealed, the fabric is carefully attached. Each sculpture incorporates luxurious velvet and/or supple metallic fabric. 

Image Credits:

Thank you, Tom and Greg for your expert skills, your eye for art, dedication to your own passion and your kindness to me.

Thomas Scharenborg: Steel Case Soft Center I, II

Gregory Staley: Steel Case Soft Center II, III, IV, V  

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